Kickin' It Country

There's a New Kid in Town                                                                            

 By: Trenda Jones                                                                                             Vol. 11-Issue 4                          

March, 2011                                                                                             

  "Music is all I ever wanted to do."  says 23-year-old Bryan Knowles.  While growing up first in small town Amherst,VA then in Virginia Beach, his grandfather was his first musical influence.  "I remember listening to my granddad sing and play guitar, he sounded like George Jones."  As he grew, Bryan was greatly affected by country legends; Hank Williams Sr., Johnny Cash and Randy Travis. During the 90's, he enjoyed alternative groups; Matchbox 20, The Spin Doctors and Pearl Jam. He also admires acoustic reggae with the softer sounds of Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz. 

  Brian was five years old the first time he sang for an audience. His mom made the arrangements for him to sing at the local Moose Lodge. Week after week, young Bryan performed his favorite song "Achy Breaky Heart" for Lodge members and their guests.

  At thirteen, he became more serious about his music, writing songs as he taught himself guitar. "Movies, books and TV are ok, but it's music that drives me."  It is that driving force keeping Bryan in Cleveland. He came to the area seven months ago to visit his brother, and now plans on staying.  "It's great here, music is everywhere, there's so much opportunity!" 

  During his intended month long stay, Bryan was introduced to Cleveland rocker, Ted Riser, and the two music junkies began jamming together.  Bryan has sat in with Ted several times and has also had a few solo gigs. Bryans' main focus is country music, but when you see him, expect to hear more than that.  His warm voice, exceptional guitar playing and his dazzling good looks are sure to please!

  Bryan Knowles plays solo, but has a network of fine musicians ready to back him up when needed.   

                                Bryan Knowles & Bass player Ken Marklow

                                    Photo's by Jeff Hace