Let's Rock and Roll!

by: Trenda Jones     May 3, 2012                                                                         Vol.12 Issue 8

For many years there has been a Lake County resident working hard behind the scenes for those in need. Combining his passion for music and philanthropy, Mac Chafer takes on a project nearly every year to raise funds for a non-profit organization of his choosing. Through the shows he produces he has donated to several charities including the Lake County Food Bank, Camps For Hope, Project Hope and Forbes House.

This year, Mac returns to "the big top" with his second Rock-N-Roll Circus, May 20th at Livewire concert club in Mentor-on-the-Lake. Once again, the day will be tons of fun with clowns, jugglers, a balloon artist and full of talent with performances by Denny Carleton, Spoon to Soon, The Jeff Soukup Band, Andy's Last Band, The Sarah Bellamy Band and Special Guest - The Balls of Fire.

The Balls of Fire formed in 1981 by Jack Freeman, Carl Czaga and three others. The band went through several member changes until 1994 when George Hanrahan and Rodney Mapes teamed up with Jack and Carl. The four became the core of the group while various drummers had come and gone. "We were trailblazing a path of chaos wherever we went" says Freeman. "We're all about the live show, energy, entertainment, personality, rhythm, melody and mayhem. We're a hybrid of rockabilly, jump, blues, kind of punkish at times, country-ish sometimes - you know, rock and roll!" The band played clubs all over north east Ohio as well as opening for Southside Johnny, Eric Burden, Mitch Ryder, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Georgia Satellites and Weird Al Yankovich. The Balls of Fire line-up for this show will be Carl Czaga - guitar, George Hanrahan - bass, Rodney Mapes - sax & keyboards, Jack Snyder - vocals.

The day's festivities are sponsored by Coldwell Banker Hunter Realty of Mentor and will be co-hosted by yours truly and Bob Southall, announcer for The Brickhouse Blues Band. The fun and excitement begins at 1:30pm with live music from 2-8pm. Along with all the great entertainment, there will also be live and chinese auctions and 50/50 raffles. You're donation of just $8.00 will help the Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital and Forbes House of Lake County, two much needed and necessary organizations in our community. Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital offers unique specialty programs including: pediatric heart care, transplant services, advanced cancer care, dialysis, digestive and behavorial disorders, autism center, critical and emergency care. When home is not safe, Forbes House is there for battered women and children. Providing services for those affected by physical, emotional and sexual abuse and offering individual and legal advocacy, information and referrals, support groups, education, and emergency shelter.

Support our children's health, support abuse victims, support the Rock-N-Roll Circus!

  http://my.clevelandclinic.org/childrens-hospital  (800) 223-2273 

 http://forbeshouse.org  24 hr. Helpline (440) 357-1018        

Chad Ely... Northern Ohio's Best Kept Secret

By: Trenda Jones June 9, 2011 Vol.11-Issue 10

North Coast Voice - Chad Ely Cover
This is the story of a man who has accomplished what many of us could only imagine. He says, he's just been lucky. If you are fortunate to know him, you will soon realize, if you haven't already, that what he posesses is more than just luck, what he posesses is a true gift. Many of you know him, or at least know of him. What you don't know is his story. A story that needs to be told for you, for him, for his angelic wife and beautiful daughter's, and the rest of his family.

Chad Emery Ely was born in Lake East Hospital on June 9, 1970. The proud parents, Annice and Bill, brought their first born home to Madison, Ohio. It was there they raised Chad and his three younger sister's, April, Daisy and Candy. Music was always a part of their lives. Annice was a flamenco guitarist and Bill, played lead guitar. Chad was five years old when he started to play guitar.He says, "It actually started when I was still in the belly. My mamma would lay the guitar on her belly and play for me. My dad has always loved the blues, he later played in the band Pig Iron.

voice-chad-2During the seventies, his Aunt Elaine worked for a company that provided refreshments for the Front Row Theater. When Chad was eight years old, she was able to get tickets for B.B. King & Bobby Blue Bland.As the Ely family sat in the audience, Bland noticed Chad motioning the guitar licks, "playing" along with the two blues legends. Bobby brought the young boy on stage and B.B. King placed his guitar over top of him with the strap still around King's back, and let Chad play. There he was, this 8 year old boy from Madison, Ohio playing Lucille for a sold out crowd, and King could see that Chad "felt it"! Chad said, "I can still feel that moment, it was just magical."

voice-chad-3He began his education in the local public school system and stayed until his I.Q. was tested in the ninth grade. His score was one of the  highest ever in the school system. The school board had to step in to make sure this prodigy had what he needed to continue his education properly. Board President, Bob Gardner hired Dr. Louis Morris, WWII aircraft designer to tutor Chad as he finished high school.Chad graduated with a 4.0 GPA. Chad became a professional musician at the age of 14,later playing lead guitar withMean Idea, The Fortunate Sons, and Petie Wheatstroh. During this time he also taught music at the Fine Arts School in Conneaut. At age 16, he was teaching Computer Technology, Basic Programming Language and Hexidecimal Programming Language at Back to Basics School in Madison. These classes were not offered in colleges at that time.The teaching ended as Petie Wheatstroh took off. Playing a mix of cover songs and originals, the band mainly toured the east coast from Cleveland to Florida, with extensive tours in Florida where they had a notably larger fan base. Their most popular song was co-written by Chad and Hank Hess of the Elm St. Blues Band. The band ended their career together after recording 5 studio albums and 1 live album, Chad, also being a recording engineer, mixed and produced the albums himself. He gave up performing professionally in 2002, but continued with audio engineer, Dale Eden at Dok Rok Records in Euclid. Incidentally, the name Dok Rok had nothing to do with rock-n-roll. Dale was nicknamed Doc Sheet Rock because he was known as the best drywaller in Cleveland. During his time at the studio, Chad personally produced over 300 albums, working for such artists as Collin Dussault, The Emperors of Swing, and his personal favorite, Robert Lockwood Jr.

voice-chad-4Chad became a professional musician at age 14, later playing lead guitar with Mean Idea, The Fortunate Sons, and Petie Wheatstroh. During this time he also taught music at the Fine Arts School in Conneaut. At age 16, he was teaching Computer Technology, Basic Programming Language and Hexidecimal Programming Language at Back to Basics School in Madison. These classes were not offered in colleges at that time. The teaching ended as Petie Wheatstroh took off. Playing a mix of cover songs and originals, the band mainly toured the east coast from Cleveland to Florida, with extensive tours in Florida where they had a notably larger fan base. Their most popular song was co-written by Chad and Hank Hess of the Elm
St. Blues Band. The band ended their career together after recording 5 studio albums and 1 live album, Chad, also being a recording engineer, mixed and produced the albums himself. He gave up performing professionally in 2002, but continued with audio engineer,
Dale Eden at Dok Rok Records in Euclid. Incidentally, the name Dok Rok had nothing to do with rock-n-roll. Dale was nicknamed Doc Sheet Rock because he was known as the best drywaller in Cleveland. During his time at the studio, Chad personally produced over 300 albums, working for such artists as Collin Dussault, The Emperors of Swing, and his personal favorite, Robert Lockwood Jr.

One evening within the music era of his life, Chad, while stopped at a BP station Mentor met Debbie Fuerst. He asked her for a date, and the two enjoyed an evening together the next night at Gatsby's.The very next day he proposed marriage - and she accepted! "It was like the hand of God came down and gave her to me." and he adds, "But I think she got the short end of the stick."

Debbie and Chad married on Oct. 22, 1999. They honeymooned in Florida. The first night, they had dinner in the hotel restaurant as a band played. Much to their surprise, the band began to play one of Chad's songs. As they played "Three Long Day's" Chad approached the stage. The lead vocalist leaned over and said "This ain't no jam man!" but the lead player recognized him, immediatley invited him up and handed him a guitar. "It was just crazy, I thought for sure it was a set-up, Debbie, or one of my friends put 'em up to it, but no. Everyone swears no."

Chad continued in the production business for a few more years. Then tragedy struck the family as his mother fought cancer, then lost her battle in 2002. "Three days after my mamma died, everything changed for me." "Now my mamma was a special lady, and I feel it was her that helped along, I firmly believe she was guiding me."

Three days after she died, his friend Stutz Bearcat invited him to attend a Ralph Nader speach at Bowling Green. They went to hand out leaflets and party a bit. Chad took his video camera for fun, hoping to get footage of some silly college antics. Just before the speech was to begin, someone sabotaged the sound system. The scramble was on to get audio feed to the TV stations .Chad was able to save the day. His camera was the only one with its own microphone. The crew asked for his frequency and they were able to feed Chad's audio to the stations. Democracy Rising then hired Chad as Ralph Nader's personal videographer. He traveled all over with Nader, then in 2003 while doing a video in Washington D.C., word was out that Dennis Kucinich needed someone to fly to Cleveland to tape him, Chad said: "Well, I'm going to Cleveland.", and he got the job. Again with Stutz, they went back to Cleveland - and the same thing happened! The PA system at Cleveland City Hall went out. And again, being the only one with good audio, Chad saves the day! After that, the Kucinich team wanted to hire him. Campaign Manager, Dot Maver appointed him National Director of Media.Chad handeled all media output to networks and affiliates for the 2004 campaign.

voice-chad-5After Dennis Kucinich conceded candidacy to John Kerry, a floor was cleared in Detroit's Cobo Hall for a meeting between Kucinich, Kerry, Ely and Andy Juniewicz, National Communications Director/Sr.Policy Advisory. One of Kucinich's stipulations was that Kerry hire Chad. Then Chad did video for Kerry's campaign until the end. Now, the ball was really rolling forward in politic's, as well as Chad trying to have a ball with the Secret Service with his boisterous personality. However, "Let me tell you, they (Secret Service) have no sense of humor, nor do the pilots!" "These guys are ALL business. said Ely.

Once, while on tour with Kucinich, there was a problem getting media to the networks. One day, while flying over Mexico in a Twin Engine Turbo Prep plane, Chad came up with the idea of sending B-roll to networks and affiliates via FTP (file transfer protocol). This idea set up the launch of Digital Newsreel, to make available editable footage to the networks via FTP. To do sync satellite footage to B-roll was available in 2004 at about $500 per 15 minutes. With Chad's method it could be done for about $50. Distribution by his method was going strong with work from such clients as The NY Mets, WKYC, NBC affiliates, Winterhaven, The Cleveland Auto Show, Link TV and HBO Films when they needed a documentary from England transferred to New York City for editing. Everything was haulted when Dennis Kucinich decided to run again in 2007, and it was back to the campaign trail.

Alright, let's catch up. Chad is now 37 years old. He has played guitar for a sold out crowd with B.B. King, taught music, taught computer technology, was a professional musician, production engineer, videographer, worked on 3 Presidential campaigns, invented Digital Newsreel, and became a husband and father. Wow! Not bad for a kid from Madison Ohio.

voice-chad-6Chad the inventor, assisted the Kucinich camp in 2002 with energy efficient computers. Chad was among the first in the world to build a computer totally submerged in vegetable oil. These computers run on half the electricity, run twice as fast, and are totally silent. He actually came up with the idea a few years prior to building one.

He's filmed Michael Douglas, Melissa Etheridge, B.B.King, Bonnie Rait, Steven Tyler and The Doobie Brothers, Danny Glover, John Glenn, and Janeane Garofalo, just to name a few. Sean Penn cooked a steak dinner for him while in California, and he spent a couple of days at Shirley Mcclaine's place in New Mexico when she was interested in partnership with Digital Newsreel.

He was at the forefront with Willie Nelson with the developement of his bio-fuel company, Bio Willie. Chad did his first video's and website, impressing Willie so much that he asked Chad for HIS autograph, and that moment happens to be on video. After reviewing Chad's Digital Newsreel architecture, CEO of Fox News, Roger Ales told Chad as they stood in his Time Square office, "Someday I'll be working for you!"

Chad says, "I've had a very exciting life, and alot of stories to tell, but my two favorite's are getting the best birthday present ever for my dad, and leaving a legacy for Robert Lockwood Jr."

While on a congressional campaign with Kucinich, Chad met Steve Zarlenga, he wanted to hire Chad to develop his website for The American Monetary Institute. Chad refused because he had just been so busy with other projects and looking forward to being home with his family. After several phone calls from Steve trying to talk him into it and offering him anything he wanted, Chad made him an outrageous offer, thinking it would be an impossible quest.

He told him to get him one of B.B. King's guitars and have him autograph it for his dad. Chad never gave it another thought. Then about a month later, this priceless arch backed Super Lucille with a diamond dust paint job showed up at his door, leaving Chad speachless and now employed by Zarlenga. "I'll never forget when I gave it to my dad, with him being a blues guitarist for decades, and giving him a gift like that, makes everything worth it, the joy it gave me is undescribable."

voice-chad-9Chad worked with Robert Lockwood Jr. for 10 years, on many projects from recording to the web. " Anyone who knew him, knows he did not like" white boys in suits." He was very leary of them, for his whole life. He just did not trust them, and in the beginning, we had are up's and down's too." Ultimately, the two worked very well together. They had a mutual respect for each other, and became dear friends. Robert passed away in November 2006. A few days before he died, his wife Mary brought to Chad all of his unpublished works for safe keeping. In his dying days, giving up the prejudice, the only person he trusted was this "white boy in a suit." Upon his death, Chad contacted Dennis Kucinich, he wanted to get Robert in the Congressional Record of the United States. Dennis worked with his team to build and preserve his story for future generations. They made it happen, and at his funeral, Chad personally presented to Mary Lockwood her husband's legacy in the Congressional Record of the United States of America.

Chad was then busy for a few months mixing and producing Lockwood's unpublished repertoire, with the help of John Walsh of Cleveland. The end result was three albums, mixed and ready to be produced. He handed over to Mary, the only copies in existance. "He was like a grandfather to me. I loved that man so much."

He's worked with world leaders and Hollywood icons and could have lived anywhere in America, but Chad chose to live here. He wanted to come back to his roots.

"I want to raise my daughter's here. These are good people here, it was a great place for me to grow up. What's most important to me, is being home with my wife and my daughter's, Annice and Emma. I love them so much, and it does my heart good to play with them on the beach."

Currently Chad is running his company, Ely Multimedia, still working with the "big wigs" yet giving local folks the same attention. He offers similiar services at affordable prices because he wants to give back to his community. His crew consists of people from around the world, including Great Britain, Manilla, LA, Florida and Philadelphia.

voice-chad-8Chad is the "go to guy" for any project, says Andy Juniewicz. They have worked on political campaigns together as well as web design. "Chad has an acceptionally rare level of versatility; the music, I.T., web and video. He is incredibly hard working. With the campaigns, we'd be working in 3 different time zones, sometimes 5 or 6, I've seen him work all night, with little or no sleep. He has never, ever faultered with not just work, high quality work. Chad is the most amazing professional I've ever worked with. Technically and technologically, he's a genius. Chad is my close personal friend. Beyond that, he is a professional colleage whom I would trust and entrust with anything. There is no one else in this nation that I would rather work with - political, corporate, non-profit, government, etc.- than Chad Ely."

A new adventure on the horizon, literally!:

On June 2, Chad rose above the clouds in a helicopter with its door removed, pushing the limit with video camera in hand. The object was to get aerial footage of area land for sale, and the surrounding area.

"I've done it before in planes, but not a helicopter, that was fun. I'll definetley do it again!"


Happy Birthday Chad! 

Presenting....."Exhibit A"


By: Trenda Jones , May 2011                                                                                    


"The Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame and Museum Inc., is a non-profit organization that exists to educate visitors, fans, and scholars from around the world about the history and continuing significance of rock and roll music. It carries out its mission through its operation of a world class museum that collects, preserves, exhibits and interprets this art form through its library and archives as well as its educational programs."

Rock band, Exhibit A came together in January 2010. Its members made up of employees of The Rock Hall, consisting of 14 musicians and singers. Their debut performance in April, 2010 was at the Brother’s Lounge in Cleveland. They have also opened for Southside Johnny at the Cleveland Rib Cook-off and appeared on the Fox 8 Morning Show.

Exhibit A's set list includes selections sure to please everyone. You’ll hear songs from 50’s classics to The Beatles, Rolling Stones, CCR, Blondie, ZZ Top, Lynrd Skynrd and more. During a recent closed rehearsal, a few of us were lucky to attend, we heard, to name a few, such hits as "I Love Rock-n-Roll", "Sweet Home Alabama" and "Hound Dog". "Hound Dog" was particularly interesting because they did a slower, bluesy rendition comparable to Big Mama Thornton’s original 1952 #1 hit, rather than the more recognizable Elvis Presley ’56 chart topper.

If you see Exhibit A scheduled at a local venue, you'll definetely want to save the date!

The group continues to support the Museum's mission through their performances.


Some of the band members during a recent rehearsal.



Happy Birthday Mr. Nelson!

By: Trenda Jones                                                                                                

April, 2011                                                                                                        Vol. 11 - Issue 7




A baby boy born to Myrle Marie and Ira Doyle Nelson grew up to be an esteemed lyricist, musician and entertainer. A renegade in country music, but more than that, he is a humanitarian and activist with devoutness to charitable causes, remarkable.

Willie Hugh Nelson was born on April 30, 1933 in Abbott, Texas, his father, a pool hall owner and mechanic, and his family, not much different than any other in Abbott, as they too picked cotton on hot summer days.

Willie began mail-order music lessons at age six, given to him by his grandparents. At seven, he wrote his first song, and at nine, played in his first band. He started singing in honky-tonks at thirteen. During high school, his sister married a musician who asked Willie to join his band, The Bohemian Fiddlers. He played with them locally as lead singer and guitar player. At Abbott High School, he played on the Panthers football team as halfback, guard in basketball, and shortstop in baseball. All the while, the band played in local establishments and did radio appearances. The local girls even formed The Willie Nelson Fan Club! After graduating in 1950, Nelson served in the Air Force, and then became a radio disc jockey. He studied agriculture for two years in college, but left Baylor University after he began to succeed at his music.

In 1956, he moved to Vancouver, Washington where he recorded his first single, Lumberjack and sold 3,000 copies. He continued to sing in clubs and work in radio until he sold the song Family Bible to a guitar instructor and it turned into a hit for Claude Gray in 1960.  He then moved to Nashville, although he did not get signed with a label, his songwriting gained him a publishing contract.

Ray Price recorded Nelson’s song Night Life and Willie began playing with him and The Cherokee Cowboys.  It was during this period that several of Willie’s songs became hits for country and pop artists, including Funny How Time Slips Away-Billy Walker, Hello Walls-Faron Young, Pretty Paper-Roy Orbison and the biggest jukebox hit of all time, Crazy by Patsy Cline.

Nelson signed a recording contract in 1961, released several singles and recorded his first album. Moving to a different label in’65 he recorded the album Country Willie-His Own Songs, joined the Grand Ole Opry and released a few more standard country albums, most of which were produced by Chet Atkins. Throughout the 1960’s and early 70’s he had several middle-of-the-road chart hits.

Retiring and moving back to Texas in 1971 he settled in Austin, “hippie” music was on the scene, and Willie decided to return to the career he loved. He played his own brand of  music, melting country with rock, folk, jazz and western-swing, and his popularity sky-rocketed. He transferred to a new label and became the first country artist to be signed by Atlantic Records. ’73 & ’74 brought two more albums, and then in 1975 Willie moved to another label that gave him complete creative control. Columbia was apprehensive about releasing an album that primarily used piano and guitar for accompaniment, but Nelson was persistent and they finally agreed. Not only was the album a smash, Willie’s first number one hit as a singer resulted, Blues Eyes Crying in the Rain. The seventies also gave us a pairing like no other, Waylon Jennings, once referred to as “The Nashville Rebel” teamed up with Willie Nelson and “Outlaw Country” was born. Nelson’s “outlaw” image became widespread in 1976 with the release of the album Wanted! The Outlaws with Waylon Jennings, Jessi Colter and Tompall Glaser. The outcome was country music’s first platinum album. In 1978, Nelson gave us two more platinum album’s; Waylon and Willie and Stardust. In ’79 he debuted as an actor in  The Electric Horseman, followed by Honeysuckle Rose, Thief and Barbarosa.

Nelson released a series of hits in the 80’s such as Midnight Rider, a 1980 cover of  The Allman Brothers song, that he recorded for Electric Horseman, the soundtrack On the Road Again from Honeysuckle Rose and a beautiful duet with Julio Iglesias, To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before. During the 80’s he also acted in Coming out of the Ice and starred in Songwriter, as well as recording albums Poncho & Lefty with Merle Haggard, and two more with Waylon Jennings; WWII and Take it to the Limit. Then came The Highwaymen, featuring four of the most superb images in country music; Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson. The aftermath – platinum record sales and worldwide tours!

During the 1990’s and 2000’s, Willie toured continuously and released albums. In 2002 he performed a duet with Toby Keith, Beer for My Horses. Released on Keith’s Unleashed album, and as a single in 2003, it topped Billboard’s Hot Country Song Chart for 6 weeks. The music video won “Best Video” at The Academy of Country Music Awards in 2004.

He has performed with artists of all genres; jazz trumpeter Wynton Marsalis, rapper Snoop Dogg and Norwegian Pop star Kurt Nilson on the country classic Lost Highway which topped the Norwegian charts in 2008.

He has performed on the White House lawn, across America and overseas. He organized the first Farm Aid Concert with Neil Young and John Mellencamp. He is an advocate for horses and their treatment. He and his wife, Annie partnered with Bob & Kelly King to build two Pacific Bio-diesel plants and contributed in forming Willie Nelson Biodiesel, a company that markets fuel made of vegetable oil to truck stops. He’s raised funds for AIDS and UNICEF. He founded the Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute, and wrote a song with his daughter Amy, called A Peaceful Solution and they encourage artists to submit their own rendition of the song which could be featured on the Institute’s web site.

In the 2004 Democratic presidential primaries, Nelson supported Dennis Kucinich’s campaign, raising money, making appearances and composing the song Whatever Happened to Peace on Earth?

Last year he received the “Feed the Peace” award from The Nobelity Project for “his extensive work and overall contribution to world peace” and was inducted in to the Library of Congress’s National Recording Registry.

Oh, and one more thing – that whole marijuana issue…

Nelson has worked for years for the legalization of marijuana. He sits in the position of co-chair on the advisory board of  NORML- National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. In 2010 he formed the Tea Pot Party, (clever name Willie!) their motto is: “We lean a little to the left.”

Willie Nelson is currently on tour and stopped at Cleveland’s House of Blues on March 25th and gave fans another stellar performance. House of Blues sound technician, Billy Parente has worked for Nelson a few times before and said: “He always puts on a great show, and this time was no exception. He played everything! The audience loved it! The place was packed!” Photographer, April Ely was delighted to be there and recalled: “All it took was a few notes of a song and the crowd went crazy-with every song! He played hit after hit after hit. The entire show was like one continuous encore!” April told me that it was so crowded that general admission ticket holders flowed out in to the hall, having to tip toe to see the stage. She said: “It was skin to skin, you barely had room to inhale, but everyone was happy. The whole atmosphere just felt happy the entire night.”

Willie, we appreciate you, and all you do for others and what is right, and for the song-writing, singing and for “Trigger”.

Happy Birthday from Northeast Ohio!




In support of women and children                                         Vol. 11-Issue 7

By: Trenda Jones

April, 2011



Every 9 seconds a woman is physically assaulted, and 4 women die everyday in America from injuries sustained from domestic violence.

Children who have witnessed violence in the home are 600x more likely to behave violently in their relationships and 1500x more likely if they have been victimized themselves, 2 of every 3 children living in an abusive home will grow up to be abusive in their own adult relationships.

The Forbes House in Lake County is here to help those who have lived with the pain of domestic violence. Opening its doors in 1980, Forbes House is a safe haven for battered women and children. For the last 30 years their mission has been “to relieve the trauma resulting from domestic violence, to assure access to safe and caring environments for its victims, and to foster an end to domestic violence through education, prevention and advocacy.” In addition to 24 hour emergency shelter, Forbes House provides legal and individual advocacy, information, referrals and support groups to those women and children who have endured physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse. Some are in physical danger, while others are living with the emotional abuse of a controlling partner.

Privacy protective agencies such as Forbes House and the Green House in Geauga County are here providing services with open arms and compassion to help begin the healing for these unfortunate victims.

There are many individuals who help these victims indirectly. Without these distinctive members of the community, these services would not be possible. One such gem is Mac Chafer. He has organized a benefit for Forbes House ~ The Lake County Rock-n-Roll Circus will be held at LiveWire Lounge in Mentor-on-the-Lake, Sunday, May 15. You won’t want to miss this one! The afternoon and evening will be filled with incredible entertainment, beginning at 2pm with 6 bands, clowns, jugglers and magicians, chances to win great prizes, 50/50 raffle and guaranteed fun for all! Admission is just $6.00 and 100% of the proceeds go directly to the cause. Funding for Forbes House has been reduced by 20-25% over the last year, while the need for services has greatly increased.

About the Ringmaster:

Philanthropist, Mac Chafer taught Real Estate and Fishing (Yes, I said Fishing!) at Lakeland Community College and was a Fishing Guide. He was a professional musician for 22 years, playing drums for a number of bands. The last band he was in The Window, playing along with members; Denny Carleton, Randy Klawon, Jack Freeman, Al Globokar, Mike Wry and Tom Mackell. Not only were they hugely popular playing the best of the 1960’s, they were the promo band for Majic Radio.

For years Mac has been successful in his efforts to raise funds for meaningful causes. During the 80’s he produced the Great Lakes All Star Jam, benefitting the Lake County Food Bank. He sent kids diagnosed with cancer to camp for Camps of Hope. He helped the homeless for Project Hope and battered women and children for Forbes House. This will be his fourth event for Forbes House. Currently he is growing his hair, his ponytail is eight inches long, two more inches and it will be cut for Locks of Love. Mac has been in Real Estate for 35 years; today he manages Coldwell Banker in Concord. Each of his staff members are donating 2 items for the Chinese auction and volunteering their time to work the up-coming event. When asked why he does this, Mac says: “I just want to, I want to give back and help, I especially like helping children, and I like when money raised stays in our community.”

On behalf of the community,

Thank You Mac Chafer, and see at the Circus!


Forbes House                    WomenSafe the Green House

24 Hr. Helpline                            COPELINE:

(440) 357-1018                      1-888-285-5665



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