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VHS to DVD transfer:

Transfer your special moments from the boxes of VHS tapes you have stored away, to long-lasting and easily storable DVD's!

2-5 day service, 1 hour DVD-$20 each.

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Welcome to Trenda

Disc Jockey:  Trenda Jones began her DJ career at a local radio station where she co-hosted an "all Elvis" show.  Now, she's out doing public and private events.  She loves working in the studio, but really enjoys interacting with a live audience.  She specializes in three of the greatest decades of music, the 50's, 60's & 70's.   With a catalog dating back to 1905, any party can be easily accommodated, including country and pop.   She also coordinates special events complete with musicians, catering and photography.

Freelance Writer:  Trenda is currently working on two books.  The first, a story depicting a southern family during the 1930's-40's. Full of family secrets and lies, it chronicles the life of a young woman and the reasons she changed her identity and moved to New York City, never to return to her southern roots or reveal who she really was.

The second book details the chain of events resulting in domestic violence. The signs and symptoms of a perpetrator, and the growth and healing of victims and their families.  Ending with a success story of one woman and her children who survived the trauma.

Trenda is a contributing writer for entertainment publication, The North Coast Voice. Going back to her love of music, she enjoys interviewing and researching entertainers, not only reporting on the music and performance, she is particularly interested in the individual-who they are, how it all began, and what else they do or believe in.